Smith & Wesson 340PD

Smith & Wesson 340PD

Smith & Wesson, Model 340, Small Frame, 357 Magnum, 1.875" Barrel, Scandium Frame, Black Finish, Rubber Grips, Fixed Sights, 5Rd


    Smith & Wesson combined a scandium alloy frame with a titanium cylinder tobuild the strongest and lightest weight .357 Magnum revolver made. Theresult is the Model 340, maximum power in a small, lightweight, easy tocarry package. Smith & Wesson's lightest and strongest revolvers deliverdependable power every time. This J-Frame model is the perfect concealablerevolver featuring an internal hammer. It is rated for 38 Special +P aswell as 357 Magnum ammunition.

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$999.99Sale Price

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