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MAC Breacher Shotgun

MAC Breacher Shotgun

Military Arms Corporation, MAC 1014 Breacher, Semi-automatic Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 3" Chamber, 18.5" Barrel, Polymer Pistol Grip and Forearm, Anodized Finish, Black, Ghost Ring Rear and Blade Front Sights, 5 Rounds, Includes Benelli/Mobil Pattern Choke Tubes 1/3/5

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    The MAC 1014 shotgun is based on the iconic firearm that has served troops around the globe for over two decades being synonymous with the GWOT and prized by the troops who carried them. MAC is proud to offer this proven self-regulating piston design shotgun, renowned for its effectiveness, ease of maintenance and unrivaled reliability with a wide range of loads. All MAC 1014 shotguns come from the factory with a preinstalled picatinny style rail with a ghost ring rear sight that is windage/elevation adjustable, and adjustable front post with contrasting white dot that is also adjustable for windage. The 18.5" barrel features the Benelli/Mobil pattern choke tube system for consistent patterns that can be tuned to any shot type load. Models are available with many finish options and furniture configurations to suit any role.

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