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Springfield XD9401

Springfield XD9401

Springfield, XD9, Striker Fired, Full Size, 9MM, 5" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Matte Finish, Fixed Sights, 10Rd, 2 Magazines


    The XD(R) 5" Full Size is designed to put the most into your hand when you need it. Built on a full-size frame with a 5" barrel, this is the XD(R) that delivers the most in performance, capacity and controllability. Whether you're looking for a pistol for the nightstand or the shooting range, the XD(R) 5" Full Size will do the job. The XD(R) 5" Full Size has all the same features found in the standard XD(R) line in a tactically-sized package. This XD(R) is as easy to shoot as you would expect it to be. The 5" barrel brings you a longer sight radius and decreased shot-to-shot recovery time. The advantages don't stop with easy shooting, though - the XD(R) 5" Full Size includes everything that makes Springfield's XD(R)'s easy to use and safe to handle. The striker status indicator, loaded chamber indicator, grip safety, Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System(TM) and internal firing pin block give you the safety and usability that you expect in a Springfield Armory(R) XD(R). If you're looking for a pistol that maximizes the XD(R) platform, put an XD(R) 5" Full Size in your hand. It will make your day at the range that much more enjoyable. With a variety of finishes, sights and calibers, you can find one that fits your needs. Includes two 10-round magazines.

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